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Simply-LEDS the first to ship new Philips LEDs is the first Philips retailers to ship the next generation of Philips LEDs in Australia. Today Philips has released its 3rd generation LED Globes which are more energy-efficient and more importantly more affordable for the Australian consumer.

Prices dropped up to 15% compared to the previous models. The entry level 5W LED dropped to $8.95. The 600 lumen 8W globe is now $11.95 and Australia's most popular 10W LED (now called 9.5W LED) is priced at $13.49. Biggest price drop occured at the high-end (12.5W) is now priced $16.99.

The new globes come either as E27 screw or B22 bayonet cap models. The standard models are warm white (3000K), some models also offer the Bright Daylight colour (6500K).

"This LED launch demonstrates Philips leadership and further promotes the affordability message of quality LED globes. We are excited to serve our online customers with the latest globes from Day 1!" commented Simply-LEDs CEO HP Eiselt at today's launch.


The table below illustrates energy savings and wattage of the new LEDs compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs:


Wattage Conversion Table
Traditional bulbs 2nd gen LEDs 3rd gen LEDs Energy Savings
25W 5W 5W 80%
40W 8W 7.5W 81%
60W 10W 9.5W 84%
75W 13W 12.5W 83%