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How much can a 13W LED save you?

It's only a lightbulb, what can it actually save me?

Led Saving 13W Globe

Many consumers are mislead by the upfront cost message. Prices for LEDs have dropped. You can now get Philips LED globes from $7.50. Any installed LED starts saving you money. If you are on a budget, upgrade room by room instead (you still save).

Take the Philips 13W LED which replaces a 75W incandescent bulb, there is a 62W saving everytime you switch it on! Over a year (assuming 3hours use per day) that can save you over $15* in electricity, just by this one LED globe.

If you now consider how many incandescent lightbulbs you need to buy over the life of a LED globe (usually Philips LEDs live 15 times longer), the savings get even bigger.

So let's do the calculation together:

One 75W incandescent bulb costs around $3.75** at leading DIY retailers, you need 15 of these (= $56.25) ove the life of one Philips 13W LED globe ($18.90** at

Considering these numbers it becomes a no-brainer for anyone to switch to LED globes and saves an aweful lot of time getting on the ladder and changing these "cheap" bulbs every year. 

* assumes an ave kWh price of 25c.

** prices checked online on day of publishing.