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Consumer Education Campaign for LED Lighting

A recent study conducted by Simply-LEDs shows the overwhelming interest by Australian household to cut their quarterly power bill. 81% of respondents are looking for ways to cut through the jungle of advertising, consumer advocate marketing and the power industry jargon.

One of the most efficient ways to start saving electricity is the switch to LED Lighting. All it involves is switching out incandescent bulbs with LED Globes. Techno jargon and overwhelming product confusion are the biggest obstacle in doing so for the Australian consumer.

In order to help Australian household in their decision making, Simply-LEDS is rolling out a series of video clips that help to address some of the concerns. We hope these videos help you to make the switch, so you can cut your power bill.

The first one is called How to LED and is intended to provide an overview of LED Lighting. Over the next few days we will launch further videos. The next ones will address the topic - Do LEDs fit in existing sockets? - How to choose the right colour temperature? - Light effects? - Watts and Lumens?
Enjoy and Switch for your Savings sake!